Ketond Advanced Blend 30ct, 15ct, and 30 serving bags

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If you have an audience of over 10k that are interested in dieting or low carb / keto / paleo / being healthy, we’d love to work with you! We will help you be massively successful sharing Ketond. We have multiple ambassadors making thousands each month with elegant promotions while helping people live healthier lifestyles.

Ketond Ambassador Tiers



10% commission for all ambassadors


~25k followers OR >$2,000 in monthly sales

15% commission

10% off coupon code for your audience


~50k followers OR $10,000 in monthly sales

All Platinum benefits

Additional benefits, inquire for more details »

All Ketond Ambassador Benefits

  • First access to new products before they launch
  • Avg. conversion rate is 15-20% even as high as 48%Amazing compared to other health food programs
  • Avg. affiliate makes $400 per 10 conversions
  • New products launch constantly something new to promote and earn on!
  • Weekly promotion or action item to improve your network
Ketond Advanced Blend 30ct, 15ct, and 30 serving bags

Ketond Ambassador Guidelines

When working with some of the biggest names in the industry, we've been able to figure out which strategies have worked well for Ketond Ambassadors to not only make commissions but grow their audiences. Here's some of the best tips & tricks we recommend to being successful Learn More »


As an added bonus and exclusive to Ketond, we have worked a deal with an Instagram Social Media Marketing agency to help build and promote all of your Instagram accounts. Details will be given once you are approved and become Platinum. Why is this helpful? As your numbers grow, so does your influence! This will not only help Ketond brand awareness but will also help increase your PERSONAL BRAND awareness and bring you additional opportunities from other brands. To give you an idea of its potential, one Brand Ambassador grew her Instagram followers from less than 3k to more than 20k in just over 3 months. These are all real like-minded targeted users.

Ketond Ambassador: Steve M's Experience

I've been working with Ketond for since May 2017. It's been great. As apart of the ambassador program, I've been able to introduce my audience to Ketond and monetize off of it so it was worth my time. I've made anywhere from $1k - $12k a month depending on how often and how often I promote Ketond! Annually I've brought in around $57,000 with working with Ketond. Generally speaking I run most promotions using their guidelines via social media, and also email marketing.

Steven, Ketond Ambassador (Carlsbad, Ca)

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