The Keto Shake Showdown

You won't find too many Ketogenic Meal Replacements out there. You will find next to no Ketogenic Shakes "supercharged" with exogenous ketones such as goBHB™. Why? It's simple - the ingredients (the high quality fats, goMCT™, goBHB™, Stevia and All Natural Flavors) are EXPENSIVE!! At Ketōnd, we live, breathe, eat, and sleep the Keto, Paleo, Low Carb/High Fat lifestyles (and sometimes we butt heads). Our goal is to NEVER develop a supplement that we wouldn't use ourselves. So we threw cost aside and set out to develop the "ultimate keto shake". We feel extremely confident that when you compare Ketōnd's Shake with all of the other brands, "apples to apples", you will see why customers absolutely LOVE our shake and prefer it over everyone else's. So, the Question is…  Are You Getting the Best Keto Shake for Your Money?

Consumer Alert: The ingredients that go into developing a TRUE premium quality ketogenic shake are really expensive. Then adding in the patented and proven dosage of goBHB + goMCT and the cost skyrockets. So what you, the consumer, are left with is a bunch of "meal replacements" that are trying to hit a price point instead of focusing on quality and results. Yah, we get it and "it's a business, not a charity", but if you are going to pay a premium price for a keto shake, it better be a premium product. Rant over :)

Serving Size
75g 29.5g  28.5g   60g    65g 

Serving size is a great indicator to understand how much value you are getting per serving. The bigger the serving, the better the value. When it comes to the competition, the Ketōnd Ketogenic Meal Replacement offers the biggest serving size. The best part is that if you don't feel like taking a full serving of the Ketōnd Ketogenic Meal Replacement, taking only half of a serving still leaves you with a bigger serving than some of the competitors.

Price Per Gram (Lower Is Better)
$0.07 $0.12 $0.14 $0.04 $0.05

Understanding how much you're paying per serving is good, but it's wise to also look at how much you're paying per gram to assess the most efficient cost breakdown. Cost per serving doesn't indicate a good measurement of value if your serving size is considerably smaller than the competition. So to compare everything apples to apples, we've measured price per gram.

Calories Per Serving
400 160 160 300 400

When you compare Ketōnd side by side against the competition you will see that we provide a TRUE ketogenic meal replacement. Each serving of Ketōnd provides you 400kCal’s of high quality fats and protein (not to mention goBHB™ + goMCT™). Each serving will leave you feeling full which will help you get to your next meal without any hunger pangs. In order to get that same caloric intake and “fullness” from some of our competitors, you would have to consume 2.5 servings of their product!

Did we mention that we have the best Macronutrient ratio ( 75% / 20% / 5% ) and include the patented dose of goBHB™ + goMCT™ to instantly increase blood ketone levels? Even if you choose to take half a serving of Ketōnd Ketogenic Shake you're also still getting more value than a single serving of some of our competitors.

goBHB™ + goMCT™ Per Serving
13.5g  0g   0g   0g   0g 

Ketōnd's Meal Replacement Shake uses a patented and clinically proven combination of BHB + MCT that delivers unrivaled results. This means every serving of the Ketōnd's Meal Replacement Shake not only offers a complete ketogenic meal, but also keeps you in ketosis and provides all day energy with the use of goBHB™ + goMCT™. Our meal replacement shake has been instrumental in helping ten’s of thousands of customers lose weight quickly, providing them with a delicious, convenient shake that helps them elevate their blood ketone levels and stay in ketosis.

How Ketōnd's Meal Replacement Shake Stacks Up Against the Competition
Ketond Ketogenic Meal Replacement Wins Against Competition

No other ketogenic meal replacement shake on the market can stand toe to toe with the Ketōnd Ketogenic Meal Replacement Shake. We spared no expense when developing this amazing supplement. Then we took it a step further by adding goBHB™ + goMCT™. Our non proprietary blend of ultra-premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients and our commitment to providing the best supplements at the best price gives us a distinct advantage over any other ketogenic meal replacement available.

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