Ketond Advanced Blend 30ct, 15ct, and 30 serving bags Ketond Ketone Supplements are all natural

Keto Electrolyte Formula With Real Salt®

Keeping our electrolytes in a healthy range are crucial for our bodies to perform at their best, but maintaining electrolyte balance is difficult when you follow a ketogenic diet. Reducing carbohydrate consumption impacts how your body processes and utilizes electrolytes.

This reduction in carbohydrates leads to less insuling being released which causes the kidneys to excrete more sodium. As sodium is lost, the other electrolytes are thrown out of balance. This imbalance is often linked to symptoms of the "keto flu", fatigue, low energy during exercise, headaches, muscle cramps, brain fog and more.

That is why we developed Keto Electrolytes with Real Salt®. Our Keto Electrolyte features an advanced mineral formula Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Real Salt® and Potassium.

Keep Your Electrolytes Balanced for Optimal Results

Why You Need Keto Electrolyte

Real Salt contains several essential mineral electrolytes that improve hydration and assist in muscle contraction and nerve impulses due to the electric energy they create in the body.

Our formula can improve your endurance and energy so are you ready for your next workout or game or can help you mitigate the symptoms of the "keto flu".

With Ketond's Electrolyte Formula you will protect your body's electrolyte balance leading to improved physical performance and recovery, recovery from dehydration, better energy levels, and help you avoid the side effects of the "keto flu".

Ketōnd Keto Electrolyte Ingredients

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